Guerrilla P.R. Wired: Waging A Successful Publicity Campaign On-Line, Offline, And Everywhere In Between
by Michael Levine
Foreword written by Editor-in-chief of Inc. Magazine, George Gendron

New! One of the most long awaited marketing books of the Millenium!

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The long awaited sequel to the best selling Guerrilla P.R.
Nearly a decade after it first hit bookstands, Michael Levine's Guerrilla P.R. remains one of the industry's best selling, best reviewed and most valuable how to's on garnering low or no cost publicity. Now Guerrilla P.R. Wired updates Levine's attention getting strategies for today's globally wired environment. It revisits many of Levine's most successful devices, while introducing new tactics for conveying a message on-line tactics that have worked for everyone from to the then, unknown producers of the Blair Witch Project.

More than just a sequel, this book creates a new prototype for small business owners, individuals and virtually anyone who needs publicity to nurture and grow a business- and doesn't want to spend thousands of dollars to get it. It details:
  • How to break through the firewalls of print and broadcast media outlets
  • Pitfalls and mishaps that lie in wait for the Web P.R. novice
  • Stories of P.R. successes from leading website developers, Web masters, editors and producers

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