About Levine Communications Office

In only twenty years, LEVINE COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE has established itself as one of the most prominent Public Relations firms in the country. Specializing in the representation of diverse entertainment personalities that have ranged from Charlton Heston to Barbra Streisand to Michael Jackson to Nancy Kerrigan - the firm has represented some of the most prestigious celebrities in Hollywood.

The experience of representing almost 100 major entertainment personalities provides our firm with unique and positive relationships with virtually all major media ranging from "60 Minutes," to Rolling Stone to Time and Newsweek, to MTV and Vanity Fair.

With Public Relations offices in Los Angeles, and affiliates in New York, Las Vegas, Washington DC, and London, the company boasts a staff regarded as the "best and brightest" in the entertainment industry. With an approach that is imaginative, intense and personal, the firm has built its phenomenal growth on providing an extremely high level of service to its clients.